How did it begin?

In 2010 while on a trip to New Zealand to visit his daughter, Mike was introduced to the iconic New Zealand Pie by his Kiwi son-in-law Jonny. On settling in Newcastle with his Geordie wife Jonny began craving the hot, savoury boost that only a New Zealand pie can bring. Joining forces with his foodie father-in-law, they created some delicious New Zealand inspired filling recipes and approached a local Master Baker with their ideas. After months of fine tuning, the first New Zealand gourmet pies were produced. They were shared down at Jonny’s local rugby club and left the members begging for more. The New Zealand Gourmet Pie Company was born.

Who are we?

We are the UK’s only producer of traditional New Zealand pies. Based in the North East of England we supply a range of gourmet pies to customers in both retail and food service.

What makes our pies so special?

Our pies are filled right to the top with the finest ingredients, meaning you get more of our tasty filling for your money. All of this is encased in a deliciously light pastry and it can be easily eaten out of your hand without wasting a crumb. Our mouth watering range of fillings are a perfect marriage of a traditional Kiwi style pie with the finest local ingredients and we’re sure you’ll agree they are the most delicious and heartiest savoury pies around. Check out a review of our pies on Madame Gourmand.

Try them and see for yourself!